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If you want to set up your business online, we could be just the partner you’re looking for.

Colaboramos con empresas que buscan asesoramiento en su expansión online,

and our support is backed up by real experience in e-commerce and a multidisciplinary team with technological expertise.

Furthermore, our already- established projects are proof of the effectiveness of our methodology.




We carry out the integration of your online store with management tools

and manage your business using leading software like Microsoft AX.




Online stores and website development (ecommerce)

We specialise in developing and setting up online stores. we have the best solution, based on open-source spree/solidus software.

We offer you a flexible solution that will make you stand out from the rest, integrate online shopping with your business and develop your internet channel with whatever goals you have set. It makes no difference if you don’t have an estore window or you already have an internet store with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce or another kind of ecommerce software, the solution we give you is economic, flexible, will perfectly adapt to your needs and is easily scalable. What does that mean? That your business will adapt to the future even when the traffic and orders in your online store grow.


We use Spree and Solidus technology based on the Ruby programming language and built with the Ruby on Rails framework. This provides significant advantages in comparison to the PHP code used in Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and similar platforms: there is much less code, which means the server requires less power to work even when under pressure; programmers will find it easier to make modifications because Ruby is more flexible in this aspect. In addition, one of the greatest advantages of the software we use is its scalability. Whatever the traffic peaks, website management requirements, order monitoring, etc. Spree and Solidus will be kept ready to function in an exact and precise way, and as quickly as possible. And you know how important speed is when referring to online stores.


All of us at 3llideas have years of experience developing ecommerce websites for all kinds of businesses, as well as trading with our own online store: CosasdeRegalo.com, a leading website in the gift sector. After working hard on the development of the platform’s software, we are fully aware of what online stores need and appreciate their ever-changing circumstances; we know how to develop specific modules for each specification and have the necessary team of programmers for implementing the solutions required for your special case. And not only in relation to software because we can give you a perfect solution to improve the SEO of your store and amplify its conversion; we can also bring new life to your website design and we have an experienced digital marketing team…


Whatever the nature of your project, regardless of the commercial sector of your business and even if you already have an online store with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce or another platform… we can carry out all your ideas offering you a tailor made solution that will cost you a lot less than you thought.

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Tailor made solutions

We are specialists in developing website projects and we have a multidisciplinary team ready to find the best solutions for you.

We are specialists in ecommerce in all fields, not just in online store development. As well as offering a cheaper and effective alternative to solutions based on Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce or similar, we can advise you about the whole range of situations your business will face. Because if you want to obtain the best conversion you only have to build an online shop window? Of course not; you know that’s not enough. For this reason…

We have an experienced multidisciplinary team that can deal with all the aspects related to ecommerce. Software development and maintenance is just one of them, relying on Spree y Solidus with Ruby technology and Ruby on Rails. We can also offer a complete online store solution integrated with your ERP management platform, ensuring the connection between your ecommerce site and all your ERP tools. We can go even further and provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan to enable you to boost your business on the Internet, or migrate your current ecommerce platform in the event it isn’t behaving as you expected.


Our team includes SEM and SEO specialists with years of experience creating payment and organic positioning campaigns. Their success is proof of their work. They have collaborated with numerous clients as well as driven our own ecommerce website, CosasdeRegalo.com, to the top positions in search engines for the keywords that are the most competed for. We can also offer you a complete marketing plan with content that will firmly establish your estore with inbound marketing campaigns, complementing the online promotion with social media and presence on the social networks that best fit in with your business.

3llideas is at your disposal for everything your online store project requires: our experience and knowledge are available to you so you can reach the goals you set for your business. And we go even further: the Internet offers, and will continue to offer, the best trading platform that has ever existed.