Discover the benefits of deploying your Windows environments on Amazon AWS

Soluciones Windows en la nube AWS

Optimiza soluciones windows en la nube

Nubes híbridas conectadas

Servidores aplicaciones gestión windows

Copia seguridad en la nube

Escritorios windows

Discover the benefits of deploying your Windows environments on Amazon AWS

Soluciones Windows

en la nube AWS

Optimiza soluciones windows en la nube

Nubes híbridas conectadas

Servidores aplicaciones gestión windows

Copia seguridad en la nube

Escritorios windows

The Amazon AWS cloud is the ideal platform for the deployment of windows, having all the necessary services to deploy secure and cost-optimized environments. From support services such as backup to Windows server environments of all kinds. Having services specially optimized for Windows.

Amazon AWS main benefits

Currently it is the ideal computing cloud for the deployment of web applications of all kinds, since it offers what is necessary to have unlimited growth and pay for use.

Pay for use

You will only pay for the resources you use and at very competitive costs. You will receive a detail of the costs and also the costs will go per hour allowing you to adjust your invoice to the reality of your use.

Adapt your storage

Thanks to the different storage services you can solve the different challenges of each project. From high-performance server volumes, economical backup storage to high availability solutions.

Exceptional performance

Adapting the project to the necessary requirements will achieve exceptional performance due to the architecture of Amazon AWS, size windows servers according to the needs of each project. Memory intensive, intensive write, or intensive cpu servers. Adapt to your needs and scale when you need it.


Amazon AWS architecture and services are designed to offer global applications. Depending on the degree of availability you want, it can be configured so that there is redundancy and distribution of elements between different AWS regions.

Hybrid networks and connectivity

Connect your company’s network to the Amazon AWS network with different solutions, guaranteeing maximum security and different bandwidth options.

For projects of any size

We can quickly configure and parameterize any project. Depending on the requirements, it can be a very simple project or add more advanced high availability options.

Competitive cost

We will have a highly optimized hosting cost. Amazon AWS gives us highly optimized costs, very efficient instances, services tailored to the needs are selected and there are also options to obtain discounts on computing. We will apply optimizations to achieve the best results and the cost will only increase when the business grows.


Security on AWS is the first priority and all services have all the elements to fulfill it.

AWS has all the necessary certifications for your project to meet all standards, we will complete this security complying with the shared security model. You will be able to reach higher security standards thanks to this contribution of knowledge and standards.

Advantages of your Windows solution on AWS

Deploy your Windows Server infrastructure on Amazon AWS enjoying the best conditions for your business applications and work environments. Optimize costs and reduce your investment in computer equipment.

We will analyze the project and present you with the best option for your Windows infrastructure.

The following requirements will be analyzed for each project:

  • Global and reliable platform for critical applications
  • High availability solutions
  • Advanced storage solutions
  • HPC – High Performance Computing
  • Cost reduction with licensing and resource optimization
  • Implementation and scaling of business applications
  • Automatic incident recovery
  • Backup and recovery
  • Web (IIS) and .NET solutions for Windows servers
  • Migrating VMWare environments to the Amazon AWS cloud

  • Security settings
  • RDS use of managed SQL Server / Oracle databases
  • Hybrid solutions with connectivity to the company network guaranteeing maximum security and bandwidth (Direct connect, VPN, ..)
  • Server installation optimization
  • Environments for business applications Sage, Dynamics NAV, SAP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, …
  • Accelerators for SAP solutions
  • Host Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint in the AWS cloud

All these requirements will be defined and a cost simulation will be presented so that the client can decide the best option.


Solución económica, flexible y ágil para proyectos Windows

Acelera tu proyecto, sin inversiones y pagando por uso

Entra en la nube e innova en tu negocio con la tecnologia AWS

Estudiamos y valoramos el despliegue en la nube AWS

Knowing the conditions and objectives of your project in the cloud. We will help you define them and prepare a study:

Architecture analysis

We will study your project based on your requirements to find the best technical solution and according to an optimized cost.

Cost analysis

We study the cost so that you are aware of the options you have and the evolution your project will have.

What we contribute in 3LLIDEAS

We have been creating and managing Amazon AWScloud projects for many clients. Our clients in the business management area are already deploying their Windows solutions in the cloud.

We provide with the solution:


Experience in various types of projects with different solutions and needs of Windows environments.


We are an Amazon AWS partner (APN) and we have a team prepared to solve these types of projects. We have the necessary certifications and accreditations to manage the Amazon AWS cloud.

Our team also has the double side of developers, completing the DevOPS profile to get more value to the solution.


We have developed tools to accelerate and provide all the necessary functionality in Windows projects deployments in Amazon AWS Our solution allows you to get the most out of cloud services and giving the business flexibility, optimization and scalability.

With our Windows Solutions on Amazon AWS, the use of the cloud will be optimized and also our implementation process for the client. It is a solution that allows access to advanced technology in a very competitive way that will allow companies to obtain all the benefits and an optimized cost.

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Discover the Windows Solutions in the AWS cloud, the optimized services will give a very high performance and an optimal cost.