Online store migration


3llideas is a company that specialises in online store development using Spree/Solidus open-source software, although we don’t only develop the shop from the first stages of the project, we can also migrate any existing store to our tailor made solution. Regardless of the platform used: Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce… It doesn’t matter which software you use nor the size or volume of the store, if you feel that your business isn’t behaving as you would like, we can help you migrate your shop to our tailor made solution.

The solution to your problem won’t end in the online store, we will help you think about and identify which factors could be slowing down the spread of your business. We can advise you about marketing, SEO… and, ultimately, accompany you in this project where we will offer our experience, our team and our technology.

Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. are online store development and management platforms that offer solutions and a multitude of functionalities that can be taken advantage of by any enterprise. In many cases, they will solve any problem but, in others, the business will have to be adjusted and the work involved for the adjustment will be too complicated. Most platforms are packaged solutions that have not been designed like Spree/Solidus, with the philosophy of being adapted in a really productive manner. Our clients want to differentiate themselves in the cheapest way possible without technical restrictions; we are capable of working to solve any variable that limits the business related to the online store.

Which limitations will you eliminate by migrating your online store?

  • Growth. Your shop needs to support more traffic or optimise the server’s resources. We can easily escalate your store.
  • Marketing/SEO. You have detected that your marketing efforts do not help positioning and the traffic does not grow. We can study the reasons and offer a solution that improves the SEO of your enterprise.
  • Design. You need a differentiating design.
  • Differentiation. Your business possesses certain special features or you need your online store to operate in a differentiating way. We can help you develop a unique project.
  • Conversion. Your store does not convert and improvements are lengthy or very expensive. Our approach, technology and experience will enable you to permanently evolve your conversion strategies.
  • Store management. You store has become a complex job; it’s difficult to keep it updated and you’re incapable of optimising the business. We can help by offering you solutions that optimise the flow of orders and the product management so the store integrates with your business in a more automatic way.

The 3llideas team can migrate your online store with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce… without you losing any essential information along the way. Databases, product specifications, customer information, etc. we guarantee a seamless migration to our tailor made solution; you will enjoy all the advantages of a predesigned estore platform with the benefits provided by the scalability, power and flexibility of Spree and Solidus open-source software. In addition, this software is guaranteed to fully adapt to the project and thanks to the simplicity with which the developments can be programmed, we can create exactly what you need, as well as installing our own management packages, tested in both our own online store and our respective clients’ ecommerce websites.

With our tailor made solution we guarantee that when you migrate your online store with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce… to Spree/Solidus, you will obtain the following benefits:

  • You will have a solution that perfectly adapts to your store. Everything you need for managing your project without losing any important data along the way.
  • 100 % open source. Our solution is based on open-source standards, which are maintained by large international companies, the community and our own team of programmers.
  • You will the owner of your online store. The 3llideas tailor made solution provides you with the full ownership of your ecommerce website. No monthly registration fees, or having to buy themes, plugins… Your business will only belong to you.
  • Scalable. Your online store will adjust to the growth of traffic and orders without you having to suffer about the high demand. The fact the software is so lightweight and it is so effective means stability is maintained, even in situations with the highest demand.
  • Simple to develop. Ruby, the programming language used to create Spree and Solidus, guarantees that developments can performed for less money and in less time, thanks to being much more effective than PHP or similar. It is the language preferred by programmers.
  • 3llideas will take charge of the entire migration, without causing you any headaches. Our team will perform the complete migration with the guarantee that no data are lost along the way.


Are you interested in migrating your business from Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, UberCart, osCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.? Study the benefits of the 3llideas tailor made solution: we will take care of migrating your store with the maximum guarantee of success so you don’t have to worry about its stability. Fill in the contact form and tell us about your project and we will propose a tailor made solution that will help your business.