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Spree / Solidus: The Best Open Source eCommerce Solution

STOAMis an online store solution that enables businesses to solve current and future e-commerce needs.

Spree commerce

STOAM: Extending the Spree / Solidus online store to optimize the business and the project

An online store must enable businesses to meet current and future e-commerce needs.

STOAM is made up of a series of modules that include functionalities developed for the management and operation of online stores.

STOAM has been developed to extend the functionality of the software for online stores open source Spree / Solidus

  • Open Source Spree / Solidustechnology
  • Optimize and solve key issues of the ecommerce business with custom modules or adaptations
  • Solution developed with our experience in projects of all sizes
  • Very productive custom development


  • Software de tienda online con funcionalidades avanzadas para resolver la mayoría de necesidades. Incluye la potencia de Spree/Solidus que lleva desde hace más de 10 años siendo la base para proyecto a medida.
  • Solución económica ya que usa parte del software open source y ha sido diseñada para que los proyectos sean rápidos.
  • Tecnológicamente muy avanzada, escalable y solución madura. Utiliza software open source y la potencia de la tecnología spree/solidus.
  • Puesta en marcha muy rápida gracias a la solución y al equipo experto.
  • Para las necesidades no cubiertas es fácilmente adaptable gracias a la tecnología y forma que está desarrollada.
  • El cliente es el propietario de la solución.
  • Aportamos una solución completa adaptándose a las necesidades del cliente.
  • Optimiza y resuelve temas clave del negocio ecommerce con módulos desarrollados a partir de necesidades reales.
  • Tecnología usada por proyectos de diferente tamaño y necesidades.


  • Si, quieres iniciar tu negocio en internet.
  • Si, necesitas migrar tu tienda fácilmente hacia una solución más flexible para tu negocio
  • Necesitas incorporar funcionalidades avanzadas para e-commerce.
  • ¿Quieres adaptar tu tienda online a tu negocio y no tu negocio a tu tienda?
  • Necesitas integraciones avanzadas.
  • ¿Quieres automatizar procesos para simplificar la gestión diaria de tu e-commerce?
  • Si, buscas una solución completa que contenga todo lo que necesitas para llegar al modelo de negocio que tienes en mente.




Marketing in site
  • Banners module
  • Creation of product landing pages
  • Banner management and SEO
  • Menu management
  • Advanced catalog allocation and management
  • Static Pages

Online marketing
Our online Marketing tools


  • International SEO module
  • International SEM module


Service prediction:

Delivery date information
Receive your order between Monday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 15 by Seur Nacional. If you pass your order before 3h and 20 min.

Automated store integration and update.


  • Import and update
  • Catalog / Stocks

Improved backoffice
  • Order payment sending email
  • Exporting statistics
  • Advanced order flow

STOAM theme
  • Usability
  • SEO optimized
  • Design
  • Conversion
  • Project speed

Navigation, filtering and search

  • Advanced search and filters
  • Large product catalogs
  • Filters

Scalability and deployment.

Scalable solution on Amazon AWS


Logistic integration
Logistics provider integration


Integration with Management
Connector with ERP and accounting / management systems. We have integrations with the main management systems and we can easily do one thanks to the platform tools,


Marketplaces integration

Integration with other services …

Digital Products
Manage digital products that do not have physical delivery and create your own business models.

Promote your physical stores and encourage store collection. Omnichannel.

Big Data gateway
Record trade data flow and take it to an analysis, transformation and visualization environment.

Being able to apply Machine learning and other tools to find answers and make business decisions.

Customized products
Allow your customers to create personalized products and buy them easily.


With our demo you can assess how your project will adapt and the set of tools that we will give you to optimize your business. We will also explain how we can make your project fast and we can optimize your resources.


Customized developments and adaptations with highly productive technology.

With the STOAM modules necessary for the project, most businesses will have their problems solved, but thanks to this technology that is so flexible and designed to adapt, it will be possible to adapt economically to differentiate the business or optimize it in its management.

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