At 3llideas we are specialists in the development, administration and management of online stores. We use the latest technology and proven quality software, having extensive experience with various clients who have different problems.

All these clients have in common that they have developed their business prioritizing being able to adapt their Ecommerce to the business in those key aspects, making a controlled investment that fit their business.

Standard Software

We can support the eCommerce project by installing an existing Standard software on the market. This software has the following advantages:

  • It is software that is installed directly or that is contracted as a service
  • Gives the functionality of an online store
  • They have options of modules and themes to customize them
  • They come with pre-established functionalities

This type of solution is ideal for those Ecommerce that fit the solution and that their business will solve well on a standard solution.

Online store software


Shopify is a SaaS platform that allows you to create stores. We can support the configuration and support process.


Prestashop is an online store software that is installed in a hosting, it has a series of modules and themes to configure it. We support you in the installation and configuration of the project.


WooCommerce is a plugin that turns WordPress software into an online store. We can accompany you by installing the software and helping you configure it.


We have the experience and the team to accompany you in the implementation
We will advise you on the modules and elements you need
We will leave the online store installed and ready for your management
Many customers have trusted us for their online store projects

Solutions for your online store

Standard software fits you and you need support in your project. Contact us to study your needs.