A solution for integrating your online store with your erp

Running an online store or traditional shop does not only entail selling, you also have to fully manage everything that happens associated to the orders: stocks, products, invoice and delivery order preparation, information analyses, etc. Our integrated online stores with ERP will give you a completely automated solution with numerous advantages. Luckily, ERP integration systems facilitate the management of all the business’s key points as they can connect with the online shop itself to make administration easier. Would you like to integrate your store with your ERP? 3llideas specialises in these integrations, due to the fact we have great experience in this field. This implies you can be sure that your business will be controlled in real time and the different actions will be processed automatically.


We perform integrations with the most used ERP systems in the market (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Nav / Navision, Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta, etc.), offering a complete online store and integration solution.

Which goals do enterprises aim to achieve with our solutions?

  • Growth: use the internet channel for your business in an efficient and differentiating manner.
  • Change: present a feasible solution that, as regards technology and resources, enables your enterprise to solve its internet problems.
  • Strategy: provide your company with its own differentiating solution that perfectly adapts to the business.
  • Optimise: manage to optimise business processes and costs more efficiently.
  • Technology: develop a technological proposal that enables you to evolve, escalate and prepare yourself for new challenges in the future.


  • Cost-saving: you’ll be able to make your online store run in a totally automated way and it will be integrated with the ERP.
  • Lower investment: if you invest in our solution it will cost you less than the ERP online solutions or integrating other software from online stores.
  • Information: reliable, unique and updated information about everything that happens on the online store, thanks to being integrated with the ERP.
  • Better results: you’ll be able to add business functions to the online store which improve conversion and, at the same time, complete all the orders (stock updates, product changes, delivery times, etc.).
  • Improved management: management will be more efficient, enabling you to monitor the orders, control the status of the warehouses, track shipping, follow up communications with customers, etc.
  • Automation: you’ll be able to automate the processes that are more susceptible to administrative errors.
  • Ensure your project’s success: thanks to our technology and the focus on the tailor made solution we propose, more people will adapt to the business and you will obtain a higher rate of user satisfaction.

We can offer you a solution for integrating your online store, whatever your erp

What kind of solution do our clients request?

  • B2C online stores: this kind of project aims is to sell products or services to end users, where conversion and efficient store management is the most important factor.
  • B2B online stores: these projects facilitate trade between companies (distributors, warehouse companies, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, etc.); where priority is given to customising purchasing rules and the integration with the ERP.
  • Solutions for sales forces: these projects aim to speed up and control the entry of orders from the mobile sales force.
  • Other tailor made projects: other clients have business models that require unique solutions. We help them with our tailor made solution.

Unify B2B and B2C platforms

Our tailor made solution and the technology we use is enough to efficiently resolve mixed B2B and B2C solutions, which will be fed by all the information from the ERP, thus resolving internet sales requirements as a whole. This will save you costs, multiple developments and diverse platforms.

Personal experience

Besides performing numerous integrations for our clients, we have totally adapted the management of our online store, CosasdeRegalo.com, by using Spree and the ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics AX. With a high volume of traffic and orders, we realised it was indispensable to integrate the different management software into the company, in order to ensure efficient, instant, effective and useful administration for both the administrators and our end customers.

Do you want to cut costs by integrating your online store with ERP?

3llideas has extensive experience developing online stores and integrating them with the ERP systems used by the different companies. In addition, we have a complete solution for our own business and we can appreciate for ourselves all the advantages integration implies. Do you want to enjoy them too? Contact us and outline your project, we’ll be delighted to solve all your problems.