Web development and online stores

Web development and online stores


3llideas has been developing websites for many years, particularly for online stores. Not only for other customers but for our own business as well. We are traders with our own online shop that is a leader in the original gift sector: CosasdeRegalo.com. We know exactly what this kind of platform requires and how to develop a project so a business can be the sole owner of the whole solution. But what is the solution 3llideas suggests?

All projects have their own specific features. However, when it comes to starting the development of an online store we could say that there are two main approaches: starting from scratch by creating a step-by-step development or using a previously established solution. Both solutions have their good and bad points, mainly the high cost of developing from scratch and the fact that customisation and scalability is poorer when the development is built on a predesigned platform (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.) What does 3llideas propose? A tailor made solution achieved by joining the key aspects of each approach.

  • Cost-saving: he development will enable you to save costs because we use a high quality open source ecommerce platform with special features: Spree y Solidus.
  • The 3llideas solution: we have packages that we will use for your project in either a standard or adapted version, depending on your requirements.
  • Tailor made development: we can develop any extra module that may be necessary for your project; invoicing, customer communication, customised product grid, etc. We have a team of expert programmers with plenty of experience with platforms designing customised adaptations for clients.
  • Shopping engine: Spree and Solidus provide the main tools for the development, management and optimisation of any online store. We are specialists in these platforms; we know exactly what your project needs.
  • We design your store: we can create the design your project needs. The most visible part of your online shopping site will be the one you want.
  • Specialised team: we have a team specialised in online marketing, SEO, SEM, social networks, content marketing… And if you want to take your project further, we can do it for you.
  • A team with real trading experience: besides being experts in their respective areas, the members of our team have acquired their trading knowledge thanks to their involvement with CosasdeRegalo.com. We can provide you with the added value of real experience.


We use cutting-edge technology in the field of ecommerce, placing our trust in open source software maintained by companies and the community that not only does it offer the best features to any online store guaranteeing future options, it is also open source, meaning there is no need to buy users licences or pay every year for the platform. All the software we use in 3llideas is fully updated, its evolution has been guaranteed by its developers and it works perfectly as a whole to make sure your online store is powerful, versatile, attractive for users and totally scalable; something that ensures its future. As soon as your project acquires visibility and traffic, the online shop will remain standing without the servers suffering the effects of the high number of visitors and orders.

3llideas uses the following technology:

Tecnología de desarrollo


  • They are technologically very advanced developments, offering high stability and scalability.
  • We adapt your online store to your project, not the other way around.
  • You will benefit from our experience in development, sales and marketing.
  • Our software is tested in thousands of shops all over the world, as well as in our own: CosasdeRegalo.com.
  • Your online store will have access to all the functionalities a shopping site requires, however big it is. And if you need more, we can develop whatever functionality you request totally in line with your specifications.
  • You online store will look exactly like you want it to. Our design team will create the visible part of your business according to your instructions and it will make any changes you want as the need appears.
  • You’ll be the sole owner of your solution.


3llideas will be delighted to receive your project. Tell us what you need, what you hope to achieve, explain to us what your online store should be like… We have plenty of experience and everything necessary to make your project come true. Are you ready?