3llideas has always relied on open-source software for its web developments, using it for our servers and the platform that manages the visible part of projects, particularly online stores. As a result of our decision, we have always relied on Spree, ecommerce software developed in Ruby and Ruby on Rails that we have seen grow, version by version. In fact, via its community and the supervision of the company behind the software, Spree Commerce, we have provided improvements and solutions for the open-source software. We discovered Spree when we were looking for the best platform possible for CosasdeRegalo.com, our own online store, and thanks to the whole experience we can affirm that Spree is an online store platform that offers everything a project could need throughout its development. And, what’s more, it’s a comprehensive long-term solution.

Spree is based on open code principles, meaning that starting off a development with this software is much cheaper than other solutions. Spree provides all the tools an store needs, regardless of its size, including complete stock management, productive management tools for controlling everything that happens in the store in real time. The software integrates all kinds of actions for promoting products, it enables you to adapt the visual aspects to the business requirements, etc. And in the event separate developments are necessary for the specific functionalities of the store, they can be programmed without too much trouble, thanks to the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework with which Spree is built.

Spree has evolved considerably since it was first launched; they are now working on version 3.1. It is an ecommerce platform that has led to the appearance of other branches, in particular Solidus, a fork of Spree. 3llideas also uses this platform for our clients, updated by enterprises and the community. Solidus offers a solid and effective support for any online stores that need powerful, versatile and scalable development. In the same way as Spree, Solidus provides all the advantages of developing in Ruby so that adapting the store is profitable, as well as simple and productive; thus achieving something we constantly emphasise: the client will be the owner of the entire solution.

Spree or Solidus? One is a fork of the other and both communities are closely connected. The choice depends more on small details rather than significant aspects. 3llideas considers both are recommendable.

There are numerous advantages of developing an online store using Spree and/or Solidus. Here are just a few:

  • You can adapt the store to your business, and not the other way around. Spree and Solidus provide you with everything you need to start up your store, though it will always be necessary to change a functionality or design so it adjusts to your requirements. With Ruby it is a lot simpler than with other programming languages: 3llideas can develop exactly what you want.
  • Your can easily develop your own, differentiating business models. These platforms have been created for using productive and flexible development systems. They have helped us create distinct business models; our clients have been able to develop their own functionalities for the distribution sector, marketplaces (where very specific offers and demands join together) and other projects within the ecommerce sector, enabling them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • A totally scalable store. One of the main problems of ecommerce platforms is performance when the level of traffic is the highest. If you use Spree and Solidus you will have fewer problems when the time comes to serve a high number of product specifications, carts and orders. Online stores with these platforms conveniently adapt to the changes in demand and are capable of keeping themselves stable even with traffic peaks, ensuring the web pages provide a proper service.
  • Totally adapted to mobiles. Given current trends, this is a key factor. Our solution is 100% responsive; thus ensuring that the ecommerce site is perfectly displayed on any screen, regardless of its resolution or size. With no extra development: responsive from the start.
  • Prepared for international deployment. Spree and Solidus have native multi-language support, meaning that both product specifications, as well as other areas of the estore can easily be translated. In addition, the platform is adapted to the legal changes involved in each territory: taxes, surcharges, currency, etc. Internationalise your project with the maximum guarantees.
    SEO, online marketing, after sales service… Spree and Solidus are optimised for improving your online store’s organic positioning, offering tools for handling promotions and facilitating customer contact service, to be subsequently handled by the administration team…
  • The platform integrates with your ERP service and other external applications. 3llideas are specialists in increasing the services of online stores by connecting Spree/Solidus with other management tools like ERPs, helpdesk, marketing managers, etc. It isn’t just an online store, our solution with the platform means you can control all the aspects that are essential for ensuring you will always obtain the highest profits from your business.


If you are interested in learning how Spree and Solidus function and you would like information about how to integrate them into your business so as to take full advantage of their features, please don’t hesitate to tell us about your project. 3llideas will be delighted to provide our experience and knowledge to help your business fulfill and exceed your expectations.