Fruit of our passion for trading and our contact with retail customers, in 2009 we opened our own ecommerce store with the aim of becoming a leader in the gift shop sector. And we’ve achieved our ambition! is one of the most successful specialised shops in Spain, encompassing a catalogue that contains over 4,000 references divided into different gift catagories. For men, women, children, personalised gifts… and your product can also be included among them.

We offer you a space on our store from which you can distribute your own articles. You’ll be able to sell them directly to end customers, having the visibility of an ecommerce website that receives thousands of visits every day and enabling you to offer extra services, such as content marketing, social networks, promoting your products in the communication channels…

If you are interested in forming part of our store and would like to use it to sell your products, you will find all the information in this link.

Our beginnings

Before we began developing web projects and online stores with Spree Commerce, 3llideas had already commenced our ecommerce activity with our own online shop based on Spree. Consequently, we developed with one goal in mind: to surprise anyone who was searching for a gift.


Our online store has been on the internet since 2008 and, over the years, it has evolved in accordance with web technology and the users. We have managed to stay in the forefront thanks to the team of development, design, administration and marketing staff who has known how to give their best to convert into a leading ecommerce website dedicated exclusively to gifts.


We have acquired considerable experience in the ecommerce sector as developers and sellers, and we know everything there is to know about online stores. Not only do we use this knowledge in, we also share it with our clients. Whatever the nature of the web project, we will offer our point of view based on our experience and knowledge.


We use cutting-edge technology and open-source software, thanks to which our solutions are powerful, scalable, can be totally customised for clients and, in particular, it means our online stores are not expensive to develop and maintain. is a good example. Based on the Spree platform, we have developed everything an ecommerce store needs in order to grow and we can use this experience in your own project. Would you like us to promote it?


As a consequence of our dedication to our product, including its presentation and design, we now face a new challenge in the store: we want to be able to offer our customers gifts that have been made and manufactured by our creative team. Our own fresh ideas that have emerged with the purpose of giving a friendly surprise… Our range of products bearing the brand grows every day with one goal: to offer a distinctive and unique product.


The products can only be found on our store, although it’s also possible to distribute them via other third-party channels that would form part of our retail outlet network. Would you like to sell our originality? Would you like to refresh your catalogue with gifts created for giving people a surprise. You can contact us if you are interested in becoming an official retail outlet.

Visit us is one of the most important online stores specialised in gifts in Spain. With a volume of traffic and sales that is obviously increasing, the store has become established as the the first place to visit whenever a person wants to buy a gift. We make our own designs, we customise products, we advise our customers… Visit us and discover our full potential.



The articles of the brand are unique and original: you can use them to refresh your own gift catalogue. Would you like to sell these articles on your own store? Or, even… Would you like us to distribute your products on our online store? We can offer you a plan that adapts to your needs; you only have to contact us by filling in the form you will find by clicking on the button below.