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When making transactions between companies, a series of specific operations are required to optimize communication and coordination between the two businesses.

This type of operation is called B2B (Business to Business) or business to business, and the use of the online channel brings benefits to companies.

These portals are designed to optimize business between clients, suppliers or even within the same organization with company teams (sales team, purchasing team, …)

Expand your sales business to professionals with tools that will allow you to accelerate and improve business relationships.

What makes it difficult to find a B2B solution for my business?

We want standard software, but our business and business processes are different in some ways to make us unique and special to our customers. Therefore we need standard software and the ability to adapt it to the key points of our business. Exists?

Benefits of B2B solutions

  • Better information : By allowing your customer or supplier to enter your B2B portal you will be able to offer them better and more up-to-date information.

  • Process optimization : Order entry or any type of transaction allows both companies to save time and reduce process costs.

  • Better service : as the customer or supplier can optimize the entry of their orders or transactions, showing them the information and established service rules we can ensure that they are optimize the service between both companies.

  • Automation : You can consider manual access portals or directly intercommunication between computer systems that send transactions.

Types of B2B projects

Portal for retail and professional clients

This portal allows a wholesale or distribution company to give its customers access to place orders, consult product information and interact with the company.

Designed so that professional or retail clients can manage their orders and improve integration between companies.

Portal for sales team

This portal is designed for the sales team to streamline the entry of sales orders and to be the tool for offering the customer a better customer and offers. It will also allow optimizing and keeping the sales team coordinated.

Indirect or direct sales can be made, in which the commercial is showing the customer how their order is being configured through the digital device.

Supplier Portal

This portal has the mission of informing the needs of the company to its group of suppliers, so they can offer and accept purchase orders. The objective is the coordination and integration of both businesses.

Portal for manufacturing companies

This portal is designed so that the company allows customers to connect to order entry and improve communication. By having more reliable information on customers, you can optimize and involve the customer in the agreements made.

Typical functionalities of B2B solutions

  • Private area : The customer or supplier, when logging into the portal, will access an area where they will see all the fully personalized product information (prices, catalog, commercial conditions, …).

  • System of prices, rates and multiples of order : In the B2B scenario the conditions of prices, rates and rules of multiples of order are more complex. The solution is to adapt it to the degree required by the project.

  • B2B purchase process : New items will appear in the order confirmation process such as conditional payment methods, credit control and validations for order acceptance .

  • Integration with the ERP management system : In these projects it is essential to synchronize and return all the information to the company’s management system to make the system workable and optimized.

  • Commercial tools : In the event that the portal is to manage the entry of commercial orders, tools can be made that allow the commercial or client to develop complex offers in a more visual and simple way. Then the system will take care of generating all the transaction information to send to the management system.

  • Customer or supplier management: You have to manage companies (customers or suppliers), business users and from here allow them to access and consult the Personalized information and subsequent parameterization of the transactions they carry out.

  • Personalized transactions: Orders at the company level may require more information and details. Therefore, it will be necessary to personalize the information that it requires so that it reaches the management system completely.

  • Navigation and advanced information: The information that makes it easier for them to make decisions must be shown to the client companies or suppliers. That is to say, the status of the stocks, delivery time, previous orders and another that allows them to obtain at least the same information as if they did it in a traditional way.

  • Communication and workflow: A workflow must be carried out that, when the transaction is processed, notifies the company and communicates all the information to the client. You can also integrate flows such as consulting the order progress, changes, confirmations, etc …

Our STOAM B2B solution

To accelerate B2B projects we have developed a B2B module that will provide an online store with the key functionality that the project will require. Based on the experience of projects that we have carried out and with the knowledge of the business. The solution is designed to adapt those parts that must always be tailored to each business and where their know-how or differential factor resides.

Discover our STOAM B2B solution:

Key factors of the B2B STOAM solution

The modularity of our STOAM solution

On the one hand, we are looking for standard software that is an easy project, the best starting point is to start with a Tailor-made Online Store Solution that already provides all the functionality to accelerate a project. Designed for B2C, but with the B2B module to provide you with what you need in this type of solution.


Private access

Maintain the public or private product catalog with or without commercial data visibility. There is a secure client / commercial access that allows them to see the information adapted to their commercial conditions.

It will adapt to the rules established by each business.

Order proposals or firm orders

Depending on the type of business, the client may close and pay for the orders, or require that it be a proposal that must be ratified by logistics / manufacturing.

It will adapt to the required operation of each business to synchronize the application with the flow of the business process.

Optimized order entry for B2B

Both for customers and commercials it must be easy and productive to enter orders, having all the information and facilitating the entry of orders.

We bring an experience elaborated with our experience and we can also adapt the shopping experience to what the business needs.

Flexible Rate System

Our solution has different rate options that are usually in the different ERP, by customer, channel, product, group of products, … But we understand that being a strategic element of the business, it will have to be adapted for each business.

Flexible integration

The main factor in these types of projects is integration, so that the ERP information prevails and the B2B portal reflects this information. All necessary information must be automatically updated.

We have a flexible system that with adaptations, integration with SAP, BaaN, Microsoft NAV, Microsoft AX, Sage, … can be implemented. This tool will speed up the integration process and at the same time decrease project costs.

Complete product information

The B2B purchase requires more technical or documentary information that can be viewed and managed with our solution. Being able to attach documents to products and different images among other options.

Show information to encourage the purchase

Ability to show customers information on their latest purchases, recommendations, stocks and other parameters that can be customized to improve integration between the two businesses.

Product search and filtering

Through advanced search technology we can facilitate the search for products by many criteria. Allowing a real-time filter that allows the user to quickly find what they are looking for.

These search fields can be any that have been imported, categories or range criteria.

Facilitate obtaining administrative information

The B2B portal must have all the information that a client needs and this will mean that they do not have to request it. Possibility of bringing ERP order information, product information or other that may be considered necessary.

Adaptation in key areas of the project

The most critical point of finding a solution for our B2B business is that there are certain functionalities such as rates, integration or others that in our business will be unique and strategic. This is where our main advantage comes from, that we are going to provide solutions for the standard that in most cases will work, but for what is key we have already designed the solution to adapt it productively to the project. We do this with modularity and our development tools.


With experience in real projects of different types of B2B solutions, business between companies has been optimized in different ways. Always looking for the optimization of the project to the client, the future evolution and adapt as much as possible to the requested requirements.

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Discover our STOAM B2B solution

At 3llideas we have extensive experience developing B2B solutions for a variety of types of companies and sectors. We analyze your project looking for the most optimal way to offer you a solution that adapts to the requirements of your business.