Every project requires an specific technology to reach all of its goals. We are experienced on open source and propietary technologies, letting us apply, depending of the project requirements, the best effective way, cheaper and the better solution to assume the future needs of the business.


Some of the top technologies that we use in our products are the following:


We are focused on developing with open source software; developed and maintained by community and top tech companies. For each project we select the more productive technology to achieve better results in less time. One of our goals is giving value to our customers; giving them a solution that could expand on future or modify it by the easiest and cheapest way.


We maintain our own infraestructure to guarantee our projects and customers a complete, trusted and scalable solution; offering, also, comprehensive hosting solutions to them that need a “all in one” guaranteed plan.


Our final goal is customer satisfaction, providing him all that his business needs by analyzing the steps that are required to the better consecution. Those steps are the following:


Definition. We’ll define the project together with customer; determining also its full scope, its actuation lines and the needs that are must assume. On this phase, we’ll analyze together the business needs; finding, also, the priority areas that aim directly to the project consecution.


Developing. Together with customer, we’ll schedule a full list of features. On every feature there will be some priorities: we’ll assume them and, as they are accomplished, the customer will have to evaluate the results. If the results are OK, we’ll develop the next feature; or, if the results aren’t as expected, we’ll turn around to fix the issues. Step by step we’ll obtain everything of the customer and project needs.


Maintenance. On projects that need to, we’ll assume its management applying the same methodology and steps as above, ensuring the best future strategy.


We have real experience with our own projects ( and third party projects.


You can watch some of our featured projects on portfolio page.


If you have a project or a business idea related to internet, we’ll propose you the best lane to run onto the top. Just contact with us.