Very often a company is unable to devote all the necessary resources to a specific division, as it is busy putting maximum effort on the key points that will enable the business to fulfil its commitments, without this implying having to ignore the more tedious administrative aspects that obviously have to be controlled and dealt with. Wouldn’t it better to take these aspects off the road map, leaving them in the hands of a specialised outsourcing team? This is what Llamas Services is offering you: to take care of managing the business areas you consider less relevant, leaving you free to dedicate as much human effort as possible to the things that are essential to continue growing.


Llamas Services is a company in the 3llideas group that specialises in outsourcing and facility management; it provides all the business management services you could need now and in the future: logistics, human resource management, ecommerce administration, stock purchasing and supply… Don’t you think it’s time your business got off the ground and starting achieving the goals you set? Leave the internal project management in our hands: the expert outsourcing team at Llamas Services will give you as much advice as you need and will suggest the action and administration plan that best suits you.


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If you need to outsource part of your business and you want to leave it in the best hands, we can offer you a complete outsourcing service that fully adapts to your needs.