Any Internet-based company needs to appear in the top positions of search engine results; consequently, efforts must be made to ensure that all websites are SEO friendly, as well as follow certain procedures for taking action, developing and creating content aimed towards obtaining better positioning, especially in Google. For this reason, 3llideas offers you a comprehensive SEO plan which will improve both the traffic and conversion of your project. As a result:

  • We carry out a SEO analysis of your site to determine how well it is positioned, as well as pinpoint the main errors and problems that need to be dealt with first of all.
  • We find out the most appropriate keywords for you and also the keywords where you are already positioned but should have a greater impact. We evaluate your subject-matter, the nature of the products on your online store, the keywords upon which your competitors are rated, the best positioning of said competitors, etc. A keyword study is vital for any SEO and organic positioning strategy.
  • We decide the best procedure for optimising your website as regards SEO. The positioning and keyword report will enable us to give you the main short and medium-term instructions.
  • We can help you optimise your website because we know what has to be done and how to do it. We have a team that also specialises in web development.
  • We monitor the different actions, finding out which ones are providing results, which ones are worth optimising and decide which new measures need to be implemented.
  • Whenever possible, we will suggest holding different meetings in person so we can give you the results and find new lines of action. It is especially important to be aware of your project’s particular features and to know exactly where to cause an impact as regards SEO.

Organic positioning is not immediate, although we can guarantee that with our approach, there will be medium and long-term improvement. It is impossible to ensure the top positions for the terms with the highest competition but, if we are perseverant and play fairly in regard to browsers, good results are usually obtained.


We have a specialised SEO team that will give you advice and guidance, so your website appears in the best positions in the most relevant searches for your business. We cannot guarantee the top position, especially in searches with a high level of competition, but your organic positioning will improve, bringing more traffic and more conversion.