PPC advertising, AdWords and SEM

In the same way SEO is essential for any website, making yourself known on pay-per-click platforms is also very recommendable; particularly when the project starts from scratch, though it is also a good idea for established brands. Besides obtaining great results with an AdWords campaign without it implying having to pay a considerable amount of money, it’s also possible to discover new keywords for SEO by using the tools available.


3llideas specialises in the following areas:

  • We have wide experience in AdWords and SEM campaigns and can prepare a detailed study of the project, the brand, website, online store, etc. We will analyse how to promote your business and find out which products are the best ones.
  • We will create a campaign strategy based on your project’s requirements, using keywords related to your subject-matter and the products of your store; we will analyse which campaigns your competitors prefer…
  • We will give you full advice so that, in the event you own an online store, your products appear properly on Google Shopping and offer possible customers the most suitable information for favouring conversion.
  • We will set up a series of test campaigns for the least amount of money as possible in order to find out about their performance, to be able to tell you approximately how much a complete SEM strategy would cost.
  • We will offer you a detailed report of the results, as well as of the SEM/AdWords strategies we have found to be most positive.
  • We can manage your AdWords account, providing you with timely reports of the effectiveness of the campaigns. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility of arranging meetings so we can give you these results, as well enable us to find out first hand about new topics for the campaigns and any particular features of your business you think would be appropriate to identify on AdWords and/or Google Shopping.


Do you need us to manage your AdWords account, to handle your SEM campaigns or perform any other PPC action? Contact us and we’ll place all our experience in your project so you can achieve the best results from advertising it.