Social media marketing

Social networks have changed the way of announcing brands. Businesses now have a channel close to their objective public through which they can promote products, provide customer services and, something else to consider, the networks can be used by annoyed users to create pressure. As a result, it is necessary to follow certain criteria within social media campaigns, developing a long-term strategy based not only on publishing, but also on replying in time, without making people even angrier.

3llideas has great experience managing social channels for different types of project, not to mention the considerable success we have had with our own company. We know all about the main networks and how to act on them. What are we offering you besides our experience?

  • We can register your project on all the social networks you need, creating your the complete profile of your business and designing the cover photos, avatars or even the graphics to be included in the updates.
  • We advise you which ones to use and how to use them, drawing up a long-term action plan with the necessary guidelines, style guide and the number of updates you need in order to obtain the best result for your project.
  • We can be your enterprise’s community manager. We guarantee the quality and suitability of the written text, the level of response against possible social disputes, we generate material for sharing… We’ll create a social media strategy and keep your social networks under control.


Social networks have turned into a priceless communication platform between companies and users and they have to be used actively as a channel for providing customer services as well as marketing. You don’t know where to start? 3llideas will draw up a social media plan that will not only improve your business’ presence on social networks, it will also take advantage of all the opportunities for promoting products, uploading content and SEO.