Inbound marketing

Marketing strategies didn’t really change with the arrival of the Internet, but they did evolve towards immediacy and the direct interaction from users which we know today. The so-called Web 2.0 placed the control in users’ hands, converting them into an active part of the promotion. How can you sell when the traditional selling methods have lost their effectiveness as a consequence of the successive changes driven by social networks, forums, blogs and all the other content creation tools? By investing in these same tools to reach users and possible customers.

We use Inbound Marketing campaigns to create a content and communication generation strategy so that all the actions are aimed towards a sole objective: attracting people who are interested in the project, those we can turn into users, customers and opinion leaders, not necessarily in that order.

Content is a basic factor of any inbound marketing strategy: the different communication channels have to be used to create value for users, so they can be directly rewarded just for paying attention. To do this, 3llideas considers the following actions:

  • Generation of dynamic content. By means of a blog, digital magazine, set spot on the home page… The important thing is to create content related to the project that your target users find attractive. In addition, this creation will greatly help the SEO or positioning in the project’s browsers.
  • Landing page creation. Besides the content, it is necessary to create pages that are capable of converting the traffic into leads (users who are potential customers). Said pages will be linked by the content, as well as to the social networks, SEO and SEM.
  • Social networks. It is essential to create movement on all the social networks related to the project, apart from moving all the created content, they work like customer service channels, as well as direct communication channels for products or services.
  • Promotions and discounts. If your project is an online store (or indirectly sells your products) a promotion campaign must be planned that is directed towards the pertinent landing pages. Furthermore, promotions send feedback to the content, social networks and the other communication channels.
  • Forms and pop-ups. It is essential to obtain benefits after all the effort spent in the creation and generation process; therefore, leads must be attracted. This is achieved via different tools located on the landing pages and pages that create interest, using them via forms so users register on pop-ups that catch their attention.
  • Newsletters and mailings. Once you have a list of leads, you have to send them emails that entice them to make purchase, act as influencers for the project or simply participate in it. In the same way as for blog content, for newsletters it is necessary to plan the topics, decide what you want to communicate and which landing pages to point at.

Inbound marketing makes use of all the online marketing channels to direct them towards a sole target, to create possible customers that go beyond purchasing, offering them a comprehensive experience that enriches the use given to the products and services the project offers. 3llideas would like to be able to take care of pressing the necessary buttons; we have a team capable of dealing with all the challenges that will undoubtedly appear.


The 3llideas team has the necessary experience and tools for ensuring that the online marketing of your project is as successful as possible. We plan an inbound marketing campaign based on creating and moving content, social network and communication management, etc. Everything so that your users will become fans of your project.