Email marketing

Email advertising has never been so alive: instead of losing effectiveness over the years, this way of promoting products has become more popular. Nevertheless, you have to take care to maintain quality and ensure the emails aren’t sent to the spam tray. Email marketing campaigns must be planned conscientiously, taking advantage of the tools specially created for this purpose. You want to make sure the results are good right from the beginning, but investing the least time and money as possible. You can count on the experience of 3llideas and our team will be delighted to help you with everything related to email marketing.

  • We can plan your next advertising campaigns, adapting them to your business and potential clients.
  • We have email marketing specialists, as well as the latest marketing tools, which mean we can create anything from the content to the design of your emails.
  • We can optimise your email database in order to improve the opening rate and conversion results, also minimising the number of people who unsuscribe.
  • We adapt the promotions and email lists to the laws in force and can advise you on privacy and security-related matters.
  • By means of inbound marketing campaigns we’ll increase the number of leads, segmenting your email lists according to your business objectives.


Once the different marketing campaigns have borne their fruit and your website has started to generate leads and there is the possibility to increase conversion rates, it’s time to achieve your goals by addressing your users. How can you do that? 3llideas will advise you about how to turn email marketing into one of the main tools for your business.