Content marketing

SEO or organic positioning is one of the pillars of any online marketing campaign, and it has evolved so much that it is impossible to separate it from good content. As a result, regardless of the style of your online business, it is essential to provide it with a good amount of written text, as well as image and video content, though being careful with how it’s done: the content always has to be relevant for your project, brand, estore… And another important factor is to provide your users with content of quality and it must not be directly aimed towards search engines. For this reason, 3llideas offers you a complete content marketing plan based on the following:

  • We will analyse the quality of the content you publish on the Internet, relating it to the SEO of your website and deciding whether it is suitable for your enterprise. We will carry out a detailed study and point out the weaknesses, where you need to cause an impact and which content marketing strategy you need to implement.
  • We can create your content. Our team in 3llideas is capable of writing about any subject you like or produce any graphic support of quality; if necessary, we can edit videos and, in conclusion, we have creative staff who are qualified to turn your content into quality content.
  • We can create a blog for you with everything your business needs, adapting it to the design of the homepage. 3llideas always recommends this kind of content manager instead of the standard CMS offered by WordPress.
  • We are WordPress experts, as regards both adaptation and content created with this platform. Whatever you need, we’ll make it possible.
  • If necessary, we can regularly update your blog with the relevant content for your business, always keeping in mind the overall optimisation of organic positioning and SEO.


3llideas knows all about content creation: we have an expert team of copywriters and designers who will create exactly what your project needs. Blog posts, web content, multimedia creation, etc. Content marketing that perfectly adapts to your requirements.